What it does

  • Allows new aquarium water to be pre-treated
  • Securely attaches to the rim of most containers
  • Secure connection to the domestic water supply (less spills)
  • Measures temperature of water while filling the container and when stored in the container
  • Has a handy aquarium heater bracket (if preferred)
  • Recirculates and aerates the water (option to naturally de-chlorinate new water)
  • Conditioners can be safely added and mixed in the new water
  • Easily transfers the perfectly conditioned water at the correct temperature to the aquarium with a push of a button
  • Provides a power boost to the siphon gravel vacuum (transfer dirty water further - down a drain, outside & even uphill)
  • Can be used to sustain new or sick fish in quarantine (no other water changer can do this)

What's included

Device Features

  • Two 24V independent pumps (each pump output 250 gallons/960 litres per hour)
  • Two speed flow rate
  • Maximum head height of 20 feet/6 metres
  • Electronic push button control panel
  • LED electronic display
  • DC Low Voltage Power

Included in pack

  • 1 x Aquaplenish Water Changer
  • 1 x Gravel vacuum adapter
  • 1 x 25ft/8m Hose
  • 3 x Screw on snap fit adapter
  • 1 x Gravel vacuum filter
  • 1 x Snap fit hose fitting – thread connector
  • 1 x Plastic aquarium hook
  • 6 x Snap fit hose fitting
  • 1 x Foot valve
  • 1 x Tap/faucet connector
  • 1 x Double end coupling hose fitting
  • 1 x Sponge filter

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