Option A

Extract to drain

Attach the long hose to the water outlet positioned on top of the Aquaplenish Water Changer to transfer the water directly to the garden or down a nearby drain.

Option B

Extract to container

Loop the connection from the water outlet to the water inlet to allow the extracted water to safely flow into the container.

Instructions Overview

  1. Attach the end of your siphon gravel vacuum to the Aquaplenish Adapter/Filter.
  2. Attach the Adapter to the fill input pipe situated on the bottom of the Aquaplenish Water Changer.
  3. Attach the quick fit hose to the Fill outlet. Connect the other end of the hose to the intake connection to allow the extracted water to safely flow into the container or connect the longer hose direct to the Fill outlet and pump the water direct to the garden or drain.
  4. Prime the pump and press the fill button on the electronic panel. Note: Priming the pump means removing all the entrapped air from the suction line and the pump. Simply fill the hose/pump with water through the gravel vacuum hose.
  5. Adjust the water flow speed button on the electronic panel, allowing the efficient extraction of water and bio matter to be extracted.
  6. When the water has been extracted from the aquarium press the off button on the electronic panel.

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